Let’s Think About – Episode 1

Let’s think about Pesticides and our Health is episode 1 of an animated video blog I am putting together. Enjoy!


Organic Farming and the Ideal Dilemma

I feel there is a lot of discussion about organic and a insensible amount of research comparing it to conventional farming, but very little critically addressing the legislation – EC Regulation (2008) No 834/2007 On organic production and labelling of organic products. This is important because, for what is supposed to be the EU’s gold standard eco-regulation, it is disastrously simple to make it more eco-friendly… so simple in fact that any teenagers with GSCE science could do it in a single breath. This matters, for producers, consumers and of course, for the environment and our global effort for sustainable living.

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The new ‘is GM food safe?’ meme.

UPDATE: The whole notion of this consensus has been awesomely captured much more recently by the Credible Hulk with more details and up to date quotes. Please head over and check it out.

So, after the first meme showing just 6 consensus statements, I decided it was time to make it a million times better. Please share this around and help to rationalise public opinion on GM foods. Every statement on this image has been individually copied from the statements issued by each of the organisations. A full list of references is included at the foot of this post.

Hopefully this can help build awareness.

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